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It is an old Macedonian tradition (in most parts of the country) for a mother to bake a Turte cake when her baby's first tooth appears. I couldn't wait to bake a Turte for my son, so I was pretty excited when his first tooth appeared the day after we landed in Australia. 
I baked a large Turte decorated with lots of Smarties, and I wrapped each individual slice in cellophane, decorated with a beautiful blue bow. I proudly handed each slice out to our closest friends and family. 

I have seen some mothers bake their Turtina in muffin trays which makes it easier to separate into individual portions. Some mothers also decorate their Turtina with a cute printed picture stapled to the cellophane with the baby's name and the date that their first tooth popped out. 

1kg plain white flour1 cup (250ml) of full cream milk1/2 cup of oil2 cups of white sugar1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar1 tablespoon of baking powder1 teaspoon of bicarb sodaZest of 1 lemon3 eggs

1. Mix bak…


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2 large eggs180gm white sugar225ml vegetable oil3 tbsp full-cream milk10gm vanilla sugar2tsp baking powder3 tbsp plain white flour425gm plain white flour350gm jamOrange food colouringRed food colouring2 bowls of water for each colourOptional: raspberry and pear extract (or any other fruit extract)White sugar to coat finished peaches
Method: Whisk eggs and sugar, then add oil and whisk until combined
Add milk and vanilla sugar, and whisk until combined
Add baking powder and 3 tablespoons of flour, and whisk until combined
Place in fridge for approximately 2 hours
Remove from fridge and add 425gm flour. Do not add all flour at once, as amount of flour could vary depending on the size of the eggs used. Stir mixture with a wooden spoon.
Knead dough on a floured surface, to form a smooth dough. If the dough is sticky, add more flour.
From the kneaded dough, divide into small, round balls of dough. You can use a melon scoop to ensure that your balls are all…



500 gm plain flour300 ml warm full-cream milk100 gm white sugar3 egg yolks1 whole eggZest of 1 lemon or orange100 gm butter14 gm dry yeast150 gm of sultanas 
Decorative Glaze 1 egg white3 tbsp sliced almonds or sesame seeds100 gm icing sugar2 tbsp warm water

1. Sift flour into a mixing bowl.
2. Combine the yeast with the warm milk. Add to the sifted flour, together with the melted butter, sugar, egg yolks and whole egg.
3. Combine with your hands then start to knead the dough, whilst adding the lemon zest to the dough. Dough should still be quite wet so if you need to, add more milk.
4. Cover dough with cling wrap and leave in a warm place to rise.
5. Once dough has almost doubled in size, place on your work bench and add in sultanas.
6. Knead dough and divide into three equal portions.
7. Roll each portion into a long, thin 'sausage' and plait a typical plait/braid.
8. Optional: wrap plait around to form a wreath or circle, and pinch the ends of the plait together to…

Ruska Salata (Russian Salad)

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3 large potatoes3 large carrots 300gm frozen peas3 hard-boiled eggs200gm pickled gerkins 300gm Berlina ham200gm sour cream300gm mayonnaise (Hellmann's or Thomy brand)70gm mustardSeason with salt, pepper and Vegeta (optional)

1. Finely dice the potatoes and carrots into small squares and boil together with the frozen peas for approximately 3 minutes or until cooked. Do not allow to get too soft.

2. Finely dice the cooled hard-boiled eggs, gerkins and ham into small squares.

3. Once the potatoes, carrots and peas have cooled, combine all ingredients together and add sour cream, mayonnaise and mustard.

4. Season with salt, pepper and Vegeta.

5. Place into moulds or a salad bowl, and refrigerate overnight.

6. Decorate with parsley, shredded cheese, or leftover ingredients.

7. Serve chilled.