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Resana Torta (Macedonian Rocky Road)


125g butter250ml full cream milk900g/3 packets of Jaffa Cake Biscuits (I used Belmont Jaffa Cakes from Aldi)300g ground walnuts250g crushed Milk Arrowroot biscuits (or any other plain biscuit)


1. Grind the walnuts (or place in a few plastic bags and smash with a rolling pin)
2. Crush the Arrowroot biscuits, leaving whole chunks of biscuit

3. Slice the Jaffa Cakes into 4 peices
4. Melt the butter and heat with milk until warm but not boiling
5. Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour the warm milk & butter over the top
6. Stir to combine. The chocolate from the Jaffa Cakes should have melted through the ingredients
7. Line a tray (I used a bread loaf tin) with cling wrap and leave some overhang
8. Pour in the mixture and cover the top with the overhang of cling wrap
9. Place in freezer to set
10. Keep in freezer and take out 5 minutes before you want to serve.
11. You can decorate with melted chocolate, but I already found the cake to be sweet enough

Urnebes Salata

Image from

Image from

Ingredients 500g Feta cheese3 tbsp mayonnaise (optional: for sweeter taste)3 tbsp Ajvar1 clove of chopped or minced Garlic100g ground walnuts1 tbsp 'Bukovska piper' (crushed chillies)1 tbsp red paprika
Combine all ingredients well. Use a fork to ensure all ingredients are mixed through. Form small balls and serve.


Ingredients 1 head of garlicSalt to taste5 tablespoons of oil3 tablespoons of vinegar400ml warm waterOptional: roasted peppers and parsley to finish30g ground walnuts (optional) 

1. Peel & wash garlic

2. Place garlic in a wooden mortar and pestle (you can use a blender/puree machine but the mortar and pestle will give a more authentic taste) and add salt
3. Puree garlic until it has reached the consistency of a smooth, white paste
4. Add oil and stir until combined
5. Gradually add vinegar while stirring
6. Add warm water and combine
7. Optional: add roasted peppers and parsley 
8. Sprinkle with ground walnuts

9. Serve with crusty bread for dipping
WARNING: Have some strong breath mints on stand-by!

Burek so Gotovi Kori (Lazy Burek)


1 packet (375g) of Fillo Pastry300g minced meat (or spinach, onion and Feta)1 brown onion1 leak (optional)100g Butter300ml waterOnion powder, salt and pepper
1. Thaw sheets of Fillo Pastry 
2. Preheat oven to 250 degrees Celsius
3. Place butter and water in small bowl and melt in microwave
4. Place baking paper in large round baking pan 
5. Fry onion, leak (optional) and minced meat (I used pork and beef mix) until cooked. Season with onion powder, salt and pepper
6. Layer one sheet of pastry on the bottom of the pan, starting in the middle, so there is an overhang on one side. Repeat with other side
7. Sprinkle with melted butter then layer one scrunched sheet of pastry on top
8. Sprinkle with melted butter then layer with filling mixture
9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 until half of your pan has been used
10. Continue layering the rest of the pan, but use the pastry overhang instead of new sheets of pastry. Do not sprinkle top layer of pastry with melted butter
11. Place in oven for ap…

Grav or Gravce Tavce (Macedonian Baked Beans)

Ingredients (serves 4 - 6 people): 400 grams of white beans (i.e. Marco Polo Pelagonia beans) 1 brown onion 2 garlic cloves1 green bullhorn pepper (or red capsicum for a sweeter taste) Vegeta, salt and pepper Dried mint (nane)Optional: 1 bay leaf Optional: dried red peppers ('Suvi Piperki') Optional: smoked ribs are traditionally used; however I prefer pepperoni sticks or Chorizo

Zaprska (thickener) 2 - 3 tablespoons of plain flour 2 tablespoons of red paprika 30ml vegetable oil

1. To wash the beans, cover the beans in a saucepan with cold water, and bring to boiling point. Pour out water and fill saucepan again with cold water. 

3. Boil the beans together with the onion (poked with a toothpick a few times to allow water to seep in whilst boiling), garlic and green pepper (and meat if preferred) for approximately 40 minutes, or until the vegetables have softened. Tip: keep checking that there is enough water in the saucepan, as you do not want your stew to stick to the bottom of the sauce…