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500g pork mince500g beef mince200g brown onion200ml soda water or sparkling mineral water3 tbsp sea salt1 tbsp ground pepper2 tbsp hot chilli flakes (Bukovska piper)1 roasted green bullhorn pepper
1. Roast green pepper in oven or on stove top

2. Place in a plastic bag for 5 minutes to 'sweat'

3. Peel green pepper, remove seeds and finely chop 
4. Finely chop onion

5. Combine meat, pepper, onion and seasoning

6. Pour soda water over meat

7. Using your hands, combine all ingredients by 'kneading' meat mixture for approximately 20 minutes until all liquid has absorbed and meat becomes fluffy

8. Cover with cling wrap and place in refrigerator overnight
9. Take a small ball of meat and mould in to a small sausage

10. Place on an oiled tray

11. Cook on a charcoal BBQ or in a wood-fired oven for an authentic taste

12. Serve with sliced onion, zelka salata (cabbage salad) or Ajvar

Polneti Piperki so Sirejne

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Ingredients: 8 -10 green bullhorn peppers 2 eggs150g feta cheese150g ricotta cheese1 clove of garlic (optional)1 tbsp sour creamSalt and pepper to taste

1. Wash peppers then fry in oil
2. Leave to cool, then cut off the tops and remove the seeds
3. In a mixing bowl, combine the feta, ricotta, eggs, chopped garlic and sour cream. Stir well and season with salt and pepper
4. Fry the cheese mixture in oil for approximately 5 minutes or until the eggs have cooked through
5. Carefully stuff the fried peppers with the fried cheese mixture
6. You can then bake for another 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius

Cheesy Arancini Balls


1 brown onion3 garlic cloves1L chicken stock seasoned with Vegeta, salt and pepper2 eggs300g rice50g Parmesan cheese100g Bieno Sirejne for filling (or any other cheese i.e. Feta, Mozzarella, blue cheese etc)Eggs, plain flour and breadcrumbs for crumbingAjvar for serving

1. Boil seasoned chicken stock in a medium saucepan
2. Finely chop onion and garlic and fry in olive oil in a large frying pan until soft and glassy
3. Add rice to onion and garlic and fry together until rice becomes translucent
4. Add the chicken stock to the rice, one soup ladle at a time. Wait until the rice has absorbed the majority of the stock before pouring in next spoonful. Ensure you are constantly stirring.
5. Once you have used all of the stock and the rice is soft and creamy, stir through the Parmesan and leave to cool.
6. Once the rice mixture has cooled, break 2 eggs into the rice mixture and stir through.
7. Dice approximately 15 small cubes (about 1.5cm) of your desired cheese filling 
8. Take …


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250g full cream milk1 packet of dry yeast2 eggs1 tbsp of baking powder2 tbsp of sugar1 tbsp of salt250ml Buttermilk1kg of plain flour (may need more for kneading)
Ingredients (posni): 1kg white flour500ml of water1 packet of dry yeast1 tbsp of baking powder2 tbsp sugar1 tbsp salt
1. Activate yeast with 1/2 small cup of warm water and a pinch of sugar.
2. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl 
3. Knead into a soft dough (it will be quite sticky)
4. Leave to rise
5. With oiled hands, pull out sections of the dough and stretch out with your hands. 
6. Fry in deep oil on medium heat.
Please note: Once dough has risen, you may brush with oil and place in the refrigerator to use later on.