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Krofni (Macedonian Doughnuts)


250ml full cream milk or Buttermilk100ml mineral or soda water50g melted butter1 egg1 packet dry yeast (7g)1 tbsp white sugar800g plain flour (plus additional flour for kneading)Nutella for fillingIcing sugar for decoratingMelted chocolate for decorating

1. Heat milk until warm. Add 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of sugar to the milk, and then add the dry yeast. Stir lightly and set aside in a warm place to rise.

2. Once the yeast mixture has risen, pour into a mixing bowl together with the soda water, egg and melted butter. Combine wet ingredients then add the sifted flour. Lightly knead into a soft dough which is no longer sticking to the sides of the bowl (you may need to add a little more flour if dough is too sticky).

3. Sprinkle flour onto a clean surface and roll out dough until approximately ¾ of an inch thick. Cut out the doughnut rounds with a small tea cup. You can choose to cut the doughnuts with a small or large cup, depending on the desired size o…


Recipe and photo credit to Lili Becvarovski

Ingredients: 4 eggs150g white sugar200g plain flour1 tbsp baking powderVanilla custard/pudding for filling50g melted chocolate

Method: Beat egg whites with sugar until a thick consistency is reachedAdd each egg yolk one at a timeBeat for a minuteFold in the flour and baking powderFill a piping bag with large round nozzle and pipe long strips (about 8cm) onto a baking trayBake at 200 degrees Celsius for 12 minutesFill your indijanki with custard or vanilla puddingFor decorating the top, split the leftover filling in to two portions. For the chocolate portion, add the melted chocolate to the filling mixture