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Posna Pogaca


1 packet of dry yeast (7 gm)1 tsp sugar1kg plain flour1 tbsp salt1 tbsp vinegar2 tbsp oilWarm water150 gm melted dairy-free margarine (Nuttelex)Sesame seeds

Method Combine dry yeast with sugar and 1/2 cup of warm water, cover and leave to rise for approximately 10 minutesIn a large mixing bowl, add 900 gm sifted flour, salt, vinegar, oil and the risen yeast mixture. Combine well and slowly add approximately 500 ml warm water until a soft dough has formedKnead the dough using the leftover flour. Dough should be smooth and soft, and no longer stickyCover and leave to rise for approximately one hourKnead the dough again then divide into 8 equal ballsRoll out each individual ball to a thickness of 1 cm, then brush each rolled-out dough with margarine except for one Stack the 8 layers of dough on top of each other and place the layer with no margarine on topUse your fingers to press in to the dough and stretch it out as much as you can. You can also use a rolling pin to press into…