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Posni Kolaci

Here is an easy recipe for vegan cookies with no oil for Lent (posni kolaci za Veligdenskite posti). 


200g white sugar2 tbsp honey2 ripe mashed bananas1 tbsp baking powder50g ground walnuts1 tbsp vanilla extract500g plain flour (approximate)Icing sugar
Method Melt the honey, sugar, vanilla and bananas in a bowl over hot steam (I placed a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan full of boiling hot water), stirring constantly until combinedRemove bowl from steam and mix in baking powder. Leave to coolOnce cooled, add walnuts and flour and combine wellKnead in to a dough, using additional flour to ensure that the dough is not stickyRoll out dough on to a heavily floured surface roughly 1/2cm thick (I found that the dough became quite sticky once rolled)Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes then place on baking paperBake for roughly 10 minutes at 180 degrees CelsiusSprinkle with icing sugar